Improve Your Metabolism in 10 Ways



Certain chemical processes that body goes through, burning up the calories .
Does the rate at which metabolism takes place effects??
Yes, it does. It is directly proportional to the burning up of fats, hence distinguishing   probability of gaining or losing weight. Although, Metabolism only is not responsible for weight loss or gain.

Here are some tips to improve metabolism

1.Drink Green Tea

If you have been ordering coffee over green tea, you missed a significant metabolism boost. It contains an antioxidant,catechins which speed up the release of fats from fat cells and the rate at which the liver burns fats into energy.

2.Drink Water when you wake up

A research showed increased level of metabolism rate for people who drank water after getting up from sleep. Metabolic rate slows  down during sleep since the system  doesn’t get any fluid.  Rehydrate your body before breakfast.

3.Say NO to Diet Sodas

Zero Calories?? Yeah , zero calories but an end to your dream of losing weight !
Studies have shown that artificially sweetened beverages stimulate the body’s normal metabolic response towards sugars.Hence resulting in a weight gain.

4.Take Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our body needs dietary fat ( healthy oils ) for weight loss. Intake of extra virgin olive oil would help to reduce hunger and increase the metabolic rate.

5.An apple a day

Low in calories and with enriched fiber, apple protects you from metabolic syndrome.

6.Kill stress or else forget a flat tummy !

It activates a hormone “cortisol ” which effects your metabolic activity badly, eventually resulting up to obesity.

7.Eat Yogurt

All the fermented products like yogurt contain probiotics that aid the bacteria in the gut to process food early. Yogurt contains low levels of calories and helps you improve the metabolic activity.
So google up some Yogurt recipes

8.Mustard toppings !

It’s the science which says this . SERIOUSLY. One tablespoon of mustard can increase 25 times the metabolic rate for hours after eating.
capsaicin and allyl isothiocyanates are the phytochemicals responsible for this magic !

9.Add vinegar  to your meals

In a study, researchers examined over 100 overweight participants and in a time frame of 12 weeks, came up with the result that people who took  1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar were  successful in reducing weight and waist.

10.Get a Good Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause several metabolic disorders. It will lead to an increase in cortisol levels ( which stores fat) , lack appetite control and  reduction in a number of fats burned .

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