5 Low Carb Recipes which are Rich in Protein


When it comes to losing weight, protein is your best friend. On the other hand, carbohydrates will only add more pounds to your body. The process of weight loss is based on one simple formula and that is “If your total energy expenditure is greater than your total energy intake, you will lose weight”. The amount of difference between the two values will decide the rate at which your body loses weight. Here are 5 great meal suggestions to make sure you consume lots of protein

Grilled Chicken

Chicken is a great source of lean meat and therefore a great source of protein with a minimum amount of fat and carbohydrates. You can simply marinate a few chicken breasts with some greek yoghurt, salt, pepper, coriander powder and then grill it.

Chick Pea Salad

Chick Peas have huge stores of protein and they can be boiled and mixed with diced tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and cucumbers for the perfect refreshing salad.

Panfried Salmon

Salmon has high protein content but frying it often adds the unwanted unsaturated fats as well as the oil. You can panfry it in olive oil to make sure that your meal is tasty and healthy. This will also supply your body with the iron that it needs.

Egg Salad with Greek Yoghurt

Egg is a great source of protein and one great meal is the regular egg salad. However, the usual condiment is mayonnaise and that is a big no-no when it comes to weight loss. Replace the mayonnaise with Greek yoghurt and you will be pleasantly surprised to find it just as creamy and with even more proteins as Greek yoghurt is loaded with proteins as well.

Grilled Steak

Make sure that your meat cut is lean and any layers of fat have been cut out. Marinate it and let it sit for a few hours to make sure that it is tender. You can grill it to your preference and then serve it with baked potatoes or a few grilled bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.

All of the above mentioned meals are easy to make and will help be of great help in your quest to lose weight. You can experiment and try out new combinations but make sure to add a large portion of protein to your diet on a daily basis. Bon Appetite.

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